International Museums Day 2019

  • Day: May 18
  • Schedule: 10am to 8pm
  • Free entry activities

In Es Baluard we celebrate the International Museums Day (IMD 2019) with an activities program where we invite you to participate in different proposals organized on occasion of this initiative, promoted by ICOM and this year framed under the title “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition“.

  • Open day. The visitors will have free entry to all the exhibitions and projects of the museum as “FACES. A dialogue between the Es Baluard Collection and the BEEP Electronic Art Collection”,”Alma. Mediums and visionaires”, “New museography Exhibition Hall 1: Pere A. Serra. The Collection, between landscape and abstraction” or “Fabrizio Plessi. 30 years in Mallorca”. Schedule: 10:00 am. to 8:00 pm. More information here.
  • Closing of the season of the educational program “Families! Saturday is about art 2018/19” with “La petita bèstia (The little beast)”, a circus show and a workshop program, run by Atirofijo Circo company, formed by Mari Paz Arango Quiceno and Guillem Vizcaíno Llobera. The activity is free and aimed at a familie audiences, especially who have participated in the workshops of the season, and open to anyone who wants to enjoy a different morning at the museum. Schedule: 11:00am. More information here.
  • Guided tour «From tradition to the future in the Es Baluard Collection». A special guided tour throughout Floor 1 exhibition halls that will explain the contemporary art evolution. With the museum’s mediator, we will know about the nineteenth century paintings, the Avant-gardes, the abstraction and conceptual art until the latest digital art streams raised in the BEEP Electronic Art Collection dialogues. We will see how the traditional artistic language step into current formats meanwhile its contemporary social changes. Schedule: 12:00h. Prior registration through the mail:
Cultural Education
18th May 2019 → 18th May 2019