El Dia Més Curt

  • Day: December 21, 2018
  • Time: Check program
  • Space: Aljub and Auditori
  • Free activity and open to the public

Es Baluard hosts for the fourth time a new edition of El dia més curt- La festa del Curtmetratge that will take place on December 21 with five screenings and a professional day divided into four themed blocks: Curt Balear, Curtmetratges Compromesos, Perles del Quebec and Junior Beat.

El dia més curt offers careful programming for all audiences, where you can rediscover the best shorts of all time, there will be short films for all tastes, you can see experimental shorts, committed and without leaving aside the Balearic production.


10.15h Junior beat (58min.) – Aljub

From 4 to 12 years (especially recommended from 8 to 12 years)

  • Batec de cor Beth David, Esteban Bravo (EUA, 4′, 2017, animation)
  • Lucky chicken Gulliver Moore (UK, 12′, 2016, fiction)
  • Dies de gat John Frickey (Germany, 11′, 2018, animation)
  • El núvol i la balena Alyona Tomilova (Russia, 4, 2016, animation)
  • Are you voleyball Mohammad Bakhshi (Iran, 14′, 2017, fiction)
  • Heidi i el fabricant de sons Christian Frei (Sweden, 14′, 2014, fiction)

11.00h Professional day: Film and advertising talk – Auditori

Conversation of short films and films in general and the relationship with advertising with professionals such as Dani de la Torre, director and Galician scriptwriter, Oriol Villar, creative director, and moderator Nuria Barahona, advertising professor at Cesag – Higher Education Center Alberta Giménez .

17.30h  Curtmetratges compromesos Competition – Aljub

The Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació celebrates its 25th anniversary with a Curtmetratges Compromesos competition. During the event, the short winner will be announced with 2,000 euros and will be screened along with the three finalists.

Selected shortfilms:

  • Esclavos del siglo XXI IES Son Pacs and Juan José Guijarro (Mallorca, 3’32’’, 2017, fiction)
  • La trampa de na Sara Luis Ozonas, Fundación Amaranta (Mallorca, 3’33’’, 2018, fiction)
  • Peix al forn Guillem Miró (Mallorca, 4’05’’, 2018, fiction)
  • Si no soy no puedo ser Mario Torrecillas (Barcelona, 10’45’’, 2017, documental)

19.00h Curt balear I (60) – Aljub

  • Arribades Júlia Castaño, student of IES Son Pacs (Mallorca, 605’’, 2018, fiction)
  • El mar infinito Juan Monserrat (Mallorca, 353’’, 2017, fiction)
  • Patrick Borja Esteve (Mallorca, 5, 2017, fiction) – PREMIERE
  • Fuera de juego Miguel Ángel Durán (Mallorca, 507’’, 2018, fiction)
  • Streetlight anxiety Marta Grimalt (Mallorca, 632’’, 2016, documental)
  • A mitges Dani Seguí (Menorca, 1430’’, 2018, fiction)
  • Espacio y tiempo Marcos Callejo (Mallorca, 7, 2018, fiction)
  • Fay away Rainer Lipski (EUA, 12, 2018, fiction) 

20.15h Curt balear II (60) – Aljub

  • Parte amistoso Luis Ortas (Mallorca, 1653’’, 2017, fiction) PREMIERE
  • Capitán Kinesis Carles Jofre (Mallorca, 11, 2018, fiction)
  • Ma Belle Antoni Caimari (Mallorca,1630’’, 2017, fiction)
  • Background Toni Bestard (Mallorca, 15, 2018, fiction)

21.30h Perles del quebec (82) – Aljub

  • Fauve Jeremy Comte (Canada, Quebec, 16′, 2018, fiction)
  • Trotteur Arnaud Brisebois, Francis Leclerc (Canada, Quebec, 9′, 2010, fiction)
  • Nous Avions Stéphane Moukarzel (Canada, Quebec, 18′, 2013, fiction)
  • Bernard le grand Philippe Lupien, Marie-Hélène Viens (Canada, Quebec, 9′, 2013, fiction)
  • y20 Dominique T. Skoltz (Canadà, Quebec, 11′, 2013, dance)
  • Les négatifs de McLaren Marie-Josée St-Pierre (Canada, Quebec, 10′, 2006, documental-animation)
  • Mynarski chute mortelle Matthew Rankin (Canada, Quebec, 8′, 2014, fiction)
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