Dones dadà (Dada women)

Es Baluard refers to 100 years of Dadaism, giving rise to an archive in process that allows for the documentation, investigation and discovery of the work of the women associated to this movement in one way or another. “Dones Dadà” (Dada women) can be visited from 23rd February to 31st March in the Observatori and provides an initial approach towards different interpretations on some of its protagonists.

“Dones dadà” unlocks an open, participatory proposal based on interdisciplinarity, designed to bring the work developed by certain women who have opened a rift in thought and artistic practices to the present day.

In the year 2014, Es Baluard’s Observatori was the venue for the residency of the project by Slam Tribu “Beat attitude”, which focussed on the forgotten poets of the Beat Generation. The museum has been working on a project on Dadaist women since 2015, as part of the Es Baluard gender studies group, in order to generate so-called “Salon” meetings (to enhance visibility) as well as the presentation of the conclusions of the studies as a platform for knowledge and research.

The women in question never were never in the foreground of history, but were characterised by the fact that they maintained a rupturist, anti-systemic attitude towards the established rules, expressed both in their creation and in their search for life forms removed from conventionalism.

The proposal for the Observatori is an open perspective of what may be an anticanonical Dadaist attitude oblivious to conventions. Considering this, were Dada women: Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven, Angelika Hoerle, Anais Nin, Emmy Hennings, Florine Stettheimer, Mina Loy, Sophie Tauber, Suzanne Duchamp, Hannah Hoch and Marie Laurencin, among others.

The first collaborators of this project are: Albis&Rubí (Magda Albis, Pilar Rubí), Nekane Aramburu, Joan Casellas, Anna María Guasch, David G. Torres, María Virginia Jaua, Sebastià Mascaró, Alelí Mirelman, Marisol Salanova, Georgina Sas, Pere Sousa and Rocío de la Villa*.

*Texts in Spanish version


23rd February 2016 → 31st March 2016