Genre: documentary
Direction and screenplay: Françoise Polo and Rosa Campomar
Produced by: Satisfactoria
Executive producer: Antoni Mir
Language: Catalan
Duration: 52’
Format: DVCam
Year: 2009

SynopsisEl viatge de Lidia (Lidia's Travel) is a story that starts in he heart of Africa, in Mozambique, focused on a braved woman who undertakes an adventure and doesn't dubt about walk a long way crossing her country from north to south to heal the harm she's suffering. It's an extraordinary adventure for a woman that lives in a far away country zone, just speaks makhua, her tribe's language, and thought her fate was to end alone and marginated. But she broke her silence. Through Lidia we'll discover which is the harm that she suffers and that affects a huge number of women in Africa, most of who hide silently. Their stories will submerge you into the role of the Africa women, the seizure, the importance as motor to change and develope, but it will also help us to understand the process of a country that healing the wounds of a civil war and desestabilization after the 1975 independence, faces a future full of challenges and opportunities.

16th November 2011 → 16th November 2011