Emilio José is probably the most funny,
iconoclast and modern artist of the Spanish pop music in the 21st
Century. Because he doesn’t appear in the news, only audiophiles know
him. In fact, he has evertything to be considered an outsider. Sings in
Galician instead of Spanish, he doesn’t write typical songs but zapping
of styles and rhythms, he doesn’t play just classical instruments, also
uses samplers and practices pop recycling. His proposal is that of a fan
of Brian Wilson and hip hop hooked on Internet and music. Before his
musical collage, the critics of music ask: gangsta from Orense? Toy
tropical? Fragmented pop?

The Emilio José’s show at Es Baluard is his debut in the Balearic
Islands, after featuring in Primavera
Sound 2010 and Sónar 2010, both in Barcelona. Solo, with piano and
samplers, he’ll present the songs from his first disk Chorando Apréndese (Foehn, 2009, best
disk of the year according to “Música en
la Mochila” and “La Nadadora”). Knowing Emilio José, allergic to
repetition, he will play them again in a different way. And new songs.
We’re in front of a very creative artist that, besides his official
disk, offers some alternative through Internet. Emilio José live showes
his collage work in a minimal way, playing piano, singing and
interpellating the audience.

25th June 2010 → 25th June 2010