Searching for the places that are not common in the idea of love, Erre que Erre Danza poses a scientific analysis of the processes of falling in love, and also of falling out of love. A kind of poetics of science that generates images and transmits emotions through the moving bodies and their relationships. Seven people with the same pulse, breathing as one. A new encounter after many others. This creation by the Erre que Erre Danza dance company offers us a reflection on the appearance, and the termination of love. Sheltered by reflections by writers such as Álvaro Pombo, Harold Pinter or Haruki Murakami, No pesa el corazón de los veloces is based on intuition and the preparation and development of different components: images, movements, time, body, to awaken sensations and emotions in the spectator.

No pesa el corazón de los veloces is the energetically-told tale of the post-rock band Balago which performs live and interacts with dance. Music and movement: the encounter between two universes that co-exist in a particular place. And all with the innovative spirit that has made Erre que Erre Danza a restless company which strives towards the experimentation of new forms and conceptions of movement.

Creation and interpretation: M. Ángeles G. Angulo, Mario G. Sáez, Ricardo Salas and Anna Rubirola

Live music: David Crespo, Roger Crespo and Miquel Pujol

Co-production: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya; Región de Murcia – Consejería de Cultura, Juventud y Deportes and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

8th July 2011 → 8th July 2011