És aquesta la imatge de Palma?

Activity dates
31 of August of 2017
6 of September of 2017

Activity directed by the artist Neus Marroig related to the exhibition “City of vacations”, from his work ImatgePública, 2017. On 6th September 2017 at 6 pm, Neus Marroig will be hosting a visit with dialogue based on the piece ImatgePública, 2017(‘Public Image’, 2017), to open the archive comprised of more than 500 images, and will propose a debate on the representation of the city of Palma through the touristic image. What intention lies behind these images? What degree of veracity do they have as compared to reality?

A different galvanisation of her work, directed towards the general public. Advance enrolment required (limited places).

For reservations and more information: difusio01@esbaluard.org

The activity will also be celebrated, on 31st of August, with a group of young people from the Centre Educatiu Illa after 10 hours am.

The workshop will focus on analyzing the work in question, which reflects on the construction of the tourist image of the sites, which can be real or fictional, invented, recreated, distorted, truthful or mythical. The work deals with the evolution of the public image of the city of Palma through 40 quotes extracted from books and guides from 1839 to today. The activity that will be carried out by the artist and educator will start from this archive in order to reflect on how the representation of Palma as a touristic city has been shaped, as well as a second part of a more practical nature where the participants may propose the image of the city they want to make known (locate and describe those places in Palma that correspond to their reality as citizens).

Cultural Education