Escuela de envejecer. Results presentation

“Escuela de envejecer” is the name that takes the proposal of the Argentine artist Ana Gallardo carried out in Palma during the month of January of 2017 and that now we present in exhibition format.

The project that has already been carried out in a number of countries such as Mexico and Sweden, among others, reflects on old age, with the proposal to value the knowledge of the elderly, projecting a teaching space of desired trades given by the project participants themselves to a general audience. The development of the project in Palma has had the participation of 6 people, 4 residents of the center Sarquavitae Palma and 2 users of the Llar of Avenida Argentina IMAS Center. The proposal is part of the “GranGent / GentGran” program that the museum has been carrying out since 2011 for older people.

The final pieces by Ana Gallardo on the project in Palma, as well as documentation of the process can be seen in the Intermedi space of Es Baluard from June 13 to July 16, 2017.

Also during the last quarter of the year and parallel to BIENALSUR, Biennial International Contemporary Art of South America will have the opportunity of a new approach to the project in the Balcó space of the museum.

13th June 2017 → 16th July 2017