Spaces for art, from architecture to the immaterial. Reflections on the place

Carte Blanche «Invisible»

  • Day: December, 14, 2018
  • Schedule: Morning sessions starting at 11.00 am and in the afternoon from 4.00 pm.
  • Place: Auditori
  • Participation with prior registration.

In order to advance the proposals put forward by Toni Gelabert and Néstor Montenegro from the Carte Blanche to the Cultural Complex, we propose to continue discussing and configuring a platform of visibility on the new issues that emerge regarding the construction or deconstruction of places for artistic practice contemporary

For this the museum organizes a professional session of exchange between different agents that proposes to open a debate about spaces for art, from architecture to the immaterial, giving rise to reflections on the places where it is perceived and created. This day will take place on December 14 in Es Baluard and will have as its starting point in the two sessions, morning and afternoon, the following question: Architecture? The spaces for Art and Creation. In addition to the invited professionals, the sessions are open to all those interested in contributing new visions and questions.

The meeting is presented as a session to discuss spaces for art, from the museum as an example of institutionality to other alternative contexts. All this assuming the crisis posed by the question ¿what space, for what art ?. The will is to know different points of view, as well as to create a collection of texts that serve to give continuity to the project «Invisible. Carte Blanche at the Es Baluard Cultural Complex», in its desire to redefine the parameters of the spaces and non-spaces that host artistic projects, collections and creative productions.

In addition, local agents and observers will participate, which will allow a summary that supposes a starting point to continue the research in the university environment and among specialists. The dynamics of the morning revolves, with an open character, around the perspective of space managers, and during the afternoon the vision will be focused on architecture.

Practical information

The sessions will be open to the participation of external persons with prior registration through the email address

Presented and moderated: Toni Gelabert, from Formatting Architecture with Néstor Montenegro and responsibles of the Carte Blanche «Invisible» and Nekane Aramburu, director of Es Baluard.


14th December 2018 → 14th December 2018

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