«Scanning the fake». Aesthetics and art theory workshop by Jorge Luis Marzo

Es Baluard Image Research

  • Days: February 5 and 6, 2019
  • Time: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Place: Auditori
  • Payment activity with prior registration

Es Baluard is planning a workshop on aesthetics and art theory that proposes, for two days, an exploration of the fake format in contemporary creation and activism. Jorge Luis Marzo calls fake the fiction that hides its illusory character and whose reception is considered real until its fictitious nature is revealed.

The aim of the workshop, which forms part of the program «Es Baluard Image Research», is sharing the genealogy, function and effect of this type of practices in the current communicational order with the people in attendance, framing them in the general context of the regime of truths (philosophical, political, technical, aesthetic).


  • February 5 Introduction to a general theory of falsehood / Imposture, subject and freedom / Truthfulness and sincerity in the regimes of truth. These topics will always be accompanied by audiovisual resources from art, literature, politics and the mass media.
  • February 6 Mechanics and aesthetics of the fake / Heteronimies and paratext / Aesthetics of invisibility / Guerrilla of communication. These topics will always be accompanied by audiovisual resources from art, literature, politics and the mass media.


The registration fee is 30 euros (10% discount for Members of Es Baluard) and places are limited.
Registration until February 4, 2019: activitats@esbaluard.org

Jorge Luis Marzo is an art historian, doctor of Cultural Studies, exhibition curator, audiovisual producer, BAU professor, University Design Center of Barcelona and member of the GREDITS Research Group. He has developed numerous national and international research projects, in an exhibition, audiovisual or editorial format, often in relation to image policies.

The most recent ones are: La competencia de lo falso. Una historia del fake (Cátedra, 2018); La década de 1990. Rewind&Forward. Hacia una competencia pública del arte (MACBA, 2018); Espectros (Virreina, 2017); Fake. No es verdad, no es mentira (IVAM, 2016); Interface Politics (BAU, 2016, 2018); Arte en España (1939-2015). Ideas, prácticas, políticas (Cátedra, 2015, con Patricia Mayayo); No es lo más natural. Escritos y trabajos de Octavi Comeron (BAU, 2014, con Joana Masó y Tere Badia); No tocar, por favor (ARTIUM, 2013); MACBA: la derecha, la izquierda y los ricos (SUB, 2013); Videocracia. Ficción y política (SOY CAMARA-RTVE, 2013, con Fito Rodríguez).

Cultural Education
5th February 2019 → 6th February 2019