Regarding the exhibition "Cabinet: Pep Bonet", Es Baluard screens two documentary films directed by Sergi Agustí (Barcelona, 1967), from Pep Bonet's photographs. They are Faith in Chaos and One Goal. It will also be screened the Freetown trailer.

Film director and cultural producer, Sergi Agustí has developed his projects mainly in Africa, in countries such as Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Congo. From his long experience as a photographer, he has inherited the aggressive settings and the search for excellent brightness. But what captivated him the most about a documentary is the opportunity itself to tell stories. His work is focused on social subjects, but always embracing a close, optimistic, vivid view of reality, far from the usual prejudices about Africa.

Among his quotes: "I try to keep away from the victim-like vision we have about Africa -which is off-putting for the spectator- in order to find a kind of language which breaks the traditional view and allows us all to understand the reality better" and "I think that emotion is always above technique, because I try to understand what I see while looking through the camera. This is the way to make everything I shoot real. Even though it might be real for just me."

Faith in Chaos (Sergi Agustí, 2003)
Length: 17 min.
Photos by: Pep Bonet
Edited by: Aurora Reinlein

What's behind a photo? A combination of photo and video on Pep Bonet's works in Sierra Leone.

Awarded with Special Jury Award Solo para Cortos Film Festival Barcelona, 2005 and Second Prize Actúa Film Festival Madrid, 2006.

One Goal (Sergi Agustí, 2008)
Length: 26 min.
Photos by: Pep Bonet
Edited by: Aurora Reinlein

Music: Fermín Dorado

Soccer and Peace. When passion joins dreams. Symbols of the war turned into symbols of hope. The journey of a amputates soccer team of Sierra Leone searching their dignity.

Awarded a the festivals Sport Film Festival (Palermo, 2010); FILMETS, Badalona Film Festival (2010), Sports Movies & Tv – FICTS (Milan, 2010), BCN Sports Film Festival (2010), Manlleu Film Festival (2010), Festival de cine documental de Bilbao ZINEBI (2008), MIRADAS.DOC (Tenerife, 2008), Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares ALCINE38 (Madrid, 2008), Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (2008).

Freetown (Sergi Agustí, 2013)
Length: 8 min.

Photos by: Pep Bonet

What is behind a photography? Where the energy comes from to transform life into a picture, into an emotion? Freetown is a way to feel the experiencie of Photography. The documentary film mixes two languages, photo and video, to take us into a journey of images and emotions. Freetown comes into the photographic space of Pep Bonet in his first and most intensive photo essay of Sierra Leone from 2003 to 2007.

Sierra Leone is starting to live again after ten years of civil war. No one knows how the war began or how many atrocities were committed. Now, people of Sierra Leone are fighting to forgive and forget. For five years Sergi Agusti director’s video camera focused on Pep Bonet and his surroundings, and recorded his work and interactions with the people and places of Sierra Leone. The documentary shows the aftermath and desperation of war as well as the hope of its survivor’s society. Together, the moving and still images work to give the viewer a more complete view of the current state of affairs in Sierra Leone during the last five years. Pep Bonet’s photo essay focuses on different stories completing a puzzle where emotion and reality combines to bring us a new point of view.

4th September 2013 → 4th September 2013