Família! El dissabte va d’art (Families! Saturday is about art)

Winter - Spring 2020

Families, Saturdays are for coming to the museum!
Workshops designed for children accompanied by adults

  • For workshops bookings call 971908201
  • Enrolment open one month before the start date of each workshop
  • Price: 1€ per child

The workshops revolve around the exhibition “ANA VIEIRA. The home and the escape” with two different proposals, according to the ages of the participating children. Project in collaboration with Sa Galania. Art, cultura i mediació

On comença ca nostra? (Where does our home start?) 6-12 years old

Saturdays February 22 and March 7, 2020 at 11.30 a.m.
We will introduce the key in the lock, we will cross the hall and following the corridor on the right-hand side passing through the kitchen, we will build the foundations of our home together, between the walls of the museum. Have you not entered yet?

22nd February 2020 → 7th March 2020