Família! El dissabte va d’art

"Família, el dissabte va d'art" is the series of workshops that Es Baluard organizes since its opening in 2004. Coordinated by the Department of Education, this series aims to bring contemporary art and the museum's temporary exhibitions at children and their families. It's a different way to spend Saturday: building, laughing, watching, learning and enjoying this family workshops designed so that, from the smallest to the largest, everyone find their place.

We want to share every Saturday in family with you, learning and enjoying all together. Like always, everyone is invited to and we want to give a special protagonism this year among the programme to the grandparents.


At the end of the season, late in May, we'll meet ourselves again to participate in a party with music and an exhibition.

All family workshops will take place on Saturdays, except the Christmas one, which will take place over three consecutive days. The only requirements are booking in advance and that the children must be accompanied by an adult. The price is one euro per workshop and child.


19th October 2013 → 17th May 2014