«Fel de la terra» screening

  • Day: December 4, 2018
  • Time: first pass 20: 00h (full capacity with invitation) and second pass 21: 30h (free access)
  • Space: Aljub
  • Free activity

Es Baluard hosts the projection of «Fel de la terra» a documentary directed by Pep Bonet and Rafel M. Creus. The presentation will be attended by the directors and the producers Agustí Villaronga and Javier Pérez Santana.

The museum already organized in 2014, four years ago, an activity linked to the production of this documentary by Pep Bonet, artist present in the Es Baluard collection. You could see a teaser of the film and generate a subsequent debate around the topics that are exhibited.

Synopsis: Fel de la terra is a documentary recorded in Mallorca, which is collected through the voice and personal experiences of islanders who, driven by the vicissitudes of life, have experienced in the first person hard experiences; In fact, some of them have decided to remain forever in a far from the parameters accepted as usual by the common mortals.

They intervene among others: Margalida Bover, who at 16 years old had to start off after a childhood illness. In Barcelona, ​​he fell in love with Salvador Puig Antich, the last one executed by the vile man of the Franco regime and was jailed; Paula Galmés, who was born in a wrong body and lived there until the age of 30. He has always wanted to stay in the same town; Santi Oliver, who fought against his suicidal and manic-depressive tendencies in the midst of a society that described him as incomprehensible; Isabel Llinàs, who was the director of the Balearic Institute of Women and who survived the eleven knockout that her husband exposed her; Macià Manera, a member of the Terra Lliure organization who was detained, tortured and sentenced by belonging to the armed band and amnestied six years later or Jaume Santandreu, priest for fifty years, who was critical of the ecclesiastical estate. Homoxesual declared, writer and, by his own will, bound to the marginal movement to which he consecrated his life. When he was nin, he was the victim of sexual abuse and assault at the seminar.

Title:«Fel de la terra»

Duration: approx. 80 minutes
Director: Pep Bonet i Rafel M. Creus
Script: Rafel M. Creus
Music: José Bautista
Photography: Pep Bonet
Production: AltaMar and Fonart IB Publishing

Pep Bonet screening
4th December 2018 → 4th December 2018