FICAE [nomad]: Voices of patients

  • Date: 6th June 2019
  • Time: 10:30h
  • Space: Intermedi
  • Free activity

Es Baluard returns to host FICAE [nomad] the experimental section of FICAE, International Short Film Festival and Art on Diseases.

FICAE is a short film and art festival that treats malaria from multiple perspectives to help end the stigmas that patients experience through the universal language of cinema and art. It aims to bring to other places and audiences the short films presented in each edition of FICAE, and at the same time link art centers, patient associations, healthcare agents and filmmakers.

In these days, spaces of debate and reflection are created addressing the issue of empowerment and illness from different perspectives: caregivers and caregivers, gender, stigma and rights.

All activities are free with registration in:


Unstable area: video art, essay and experimentation

With the participation of Andreu Bover, professor at the Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the UIB and Víctor Navarro, professor at CESAG. Moderator: Ricard Mamblona, ​​director of FICAE.

With the projection of:

  • Frontera, Violeta Mora, Honduras, 2 ‘
  • Random decomposition, Karina R. Sandoval, Chile, 4’51 “
  • How Art You, Kimberly Berckmoes, Belgium, 4’31 ”
  • Hyper Hypo, Hannah Shea, EE. U., 2’49 ”
  • Lost Control, Chai, Tse-Chang, Taiwan, 5’54 ”
  • Meteora, Alexander Kang, China, 12 ‘
  • Mr Anxiety Goes On A Date, 4inaroom, Romania, 0’30 ”
  • Phonophobie, Murat Haschu, Germany, 3 ‘
  • Recurring, Pietro Agnoletto, Italy, 2 ‘

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6th June 2019 → 6th June 2019