Focus Puig de Sant Pere. Changes and continuities in the neighborhood

Es Baluard and Centre Cultural Puig de Sant Pere show the results of the workshop "Focus Puig de Sant Pere. Changes and continuities in the neighborhood" conducted by 8 participants coordinated by photographer Jaume Gual and the Es Baluard’s Department of Education and Training. The exhibition opens April 26 at 6 pm and will be open until 8 May. This is an activity “Es Baluard’s 10th anniversary”.
The exhibition features 16 panels with the before and now of the district from a comparative work done with photography. Also, there will be a part titled "Invisibility of the neighborhood", a series of reflections and images in the neighborhood today.
It will also be possible to make the trip "in situ" as a copy of the photo panels are located on the streets leading comparative images. The opening day we'll make the trip together.
The Es Baluard’s Department of Education and Training is aware of the importance that the museum opens to the public beyond the walls that form. Working from listening and dialogue with many different public and collective, producing culture and learning together.
Jaume Gual proposed "Focus Puig de Sant Pere. Changes and continuities in the neighborhood" and it’s been a way of bringing the neighbors of Puig de Sant Pere. The project emerged as a result of the program to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the museum and as an activity on the photography exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.1".
"Focus Puig de Sant Pere" is focused on the comparative photography has allowed us to better dwell neighborhood, its history and the transformations undergone. During the production of the photographs should reflect on the relationship with the neighborhood and its people, struggles, concerns and needs of residents. In these reflections, struggles and relationships arising originated another aspect of the project that we titled "Invisibility of the neighborhood".
The sessions have been developed mostly in the streets of the protagonists at the end of the project. But Es Baluard is also where we had the opportunity to enjoy the camera obscura installed in one of the watchtowers of the museum and visit the photo exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.1". So the work has developed from archival footage for the comparison but also the work done by contemporary photographers has inspired the invisibility of the neighborhood.
Completion at the Centre Cultural Puig de Sant Pere with a sample of project results, but also the thoughts and visions that we have caused. We invite you to make the journey in time and space images that we propose.
We want to end by thanking Jaume Gual and project participants involved and their work, and those residents, neighborhood organizations and merchants in one way or another have made ​​this possible. Satisfied synergies, relationships and thoughts arising related to this proposal, we hope that this experience has been a starting point for future projects sharing with neighbors Puig de Sant Pere.

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26th April 2014 → 8th May 2014