From the neighbourhood to the residential complex

Es Baluard inter-district project the EMT in the BUS n.7 of Palma

Do people who take the bus know the neighbourhoods, where they pass through?

And, if the bus would be a nexus and serve as a device to inform about the city where we live and to experience new processes and knowledge during the time of displacement?

And, if during the tour we would find some tools that would help us to get closer not only to the city itself but also to the other people who are using the same medium?

In 2018, with these initial questions, we are starting an experimental project, as a long-term collaboration with the EMT (Municipal Transportation Company of Palma).

This inter-district project is held on the bus line number 7 that connects them the different districts. We’ve chosen because the Museum is located in the centre of its route and because it passes through very different and contrasted areas, in terms of population and geographical form.

In this respect, the project aims to be a cartography of different neighbourhoods that compose Palma through the work with artistic tools, mediation and education.

We propose to work directly with neighbours and bus users from three neighbourhoods, which are connected to the bus line 7. We will count on a bus as a visibility platform for the interests of the participants, worked during the project development in relation to reflections on territory and in close connection to contemporary art practices.

If you are an adult, regular user of bus number 7 and want to know more about the project or take part in it, please contact us at



12th January 2018 → 31st December 2018

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