From the neighbourhood to the residential complex

Es Baluard inter-district project the EMT in the BUS n.7 of Palma

Do people who take the bus know the neighbourhoods, where they pass through?

And, if the bus would be a nexus and serve as a device to inform about the city where we live and to experience new processes and knowledge during the time of displacement?

And, if during the tour we would find some tools that would help us to get closer not only to the city itself but also to the other people who are using the same medium?

With these initial approaches, in 2018 we launched an experimental project in motion and in the long term in collaboration with the EMT (Empresa de Transports Municipals de Palma). It was an interbarrios project in Palma that started from the number 7 bus line that connects them. This bus line was chosen, since the museum is located in the center of its route and this runs through very diverse and contrasted areas both urban and population level of the city.

The project aims to be cartography of different Palma quarters crossed by bus line 7. Shown through artistic tools and using a bus itself as a platform to get visible and connect them.

First phase: Son Gotleu February – June 2018

The first project stop took place at Son Gotleu where a group of neighbours worked and pondered about their district. This task has been materialized into a series of photographs and sentences that were displayed through different forms inside the bus. In this way, neighbourhoods and their inhabitants, as well as their diversity, dynamism and solidarity were destigmatized and valued.

During the first phase of the project took part in photographer Alejandro S. Garrido.

Son Gotleu team work: Casandra Barbero, Carles Bover, Angustias Cortés, Lydia Funmilayo, Sergi Nadal, Lola Ortigosa, Juanjo de Paz, Josefa Perete, Son Gotl@b.

Second phase: Son Dameto / Son Espanyolet November 2018 – March 2019

Route had taken us to Son Dameto and Son Espanyolet neighbourhoods where a group of neighbours worked and pondered about their district. This task has been materialized into a series of photographs and audiovisuals with the aim to give visibility to districts that never had presence in locals imaginary.

During the second phase of the project took part in artist María Alcaraz. The results presentation of the project will take place on March 21 at different stops on line 7 of the EMT and on the bus itself. Meeting point: c /Barrera, 15, at 7.00 p.m.

Son Dameto work group: Mercedes Albertí, Mari Carmen Bernal, Miquel Bestard Xisco Bonnín, Magdalena López, Esperanza Oliver, Juana Ripoll, Fina Riera, Antonio Rodríguez, Bienvenida Salom, Rosa Sánchez.

Son Espanyolet work group: Araceli Almagro, Felipe Amengual, Marga García, Petronila García, Toni Fernández, Javier Palmer.



12th January 2018 → 22nd March 2019

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