GranGent/GentGran 2013-2014

Senior citizens have a lot to offer and we all have much to learn from them. “GranGent/GentGran” is a programme of activities designed to give a voice to them, hear their experiences, talk about the issues that interest them, create links with people of their age, working with new technologies, interact with generations of young people -with their grandchildren- ultimately share time, values, knowledge and emotions.

These opportunities to meet, share experiences, interact with people of other generations, approach contemporary art, to understand the environment and oneself better through artistic, cultural and educational activities of quality, are what Es Baluard wants to offer to the elderly.   With “GranGent/GentGran”, Es Baluard wants to convey to the general public and people of this age in particular the idea that aging can and should be active. With this program we aim to generate discussion and awareness towards this group, while offering a diverse, varied and quality programme for all seniors profiles to find their space and place.

Es Baluard also from a deep social awareness and the willingness to contribute to stronger that awareness among the society as a whole takes up the challenge of working on improving the chances for that active aging, something that certainly will be beneficial not only to the field of population over 60 years, but for the whole society.

The museum believes strongly in the need to continue the program “GranGent/GentGran” made since 2011 and with great public success, demand and social impact in both the first and second edition, this one carried out in 2012 and 2013.

  • Educational workshop for seniors  – 22nd to 25th April 2014.
  • Educational workshop in residencies – July 2014.


1st October 2013 → 31st July 2014

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