• General view of the exhibition hall «Marina Planas. War approaches to Tourism: all inclusive», Es Baluard Museu d’Art Contemporani de Palma, 2020. © Es Baluard Museu, 2020

Guided tours

  • Days: August 5th and 26th [sold out]
  • Schedule: 1.00 pm. Duration: 50 min
  • Language: Spanish and Catalan
  • Free activity with prior registration: mediacio@esbaluard.org

At the program “Wednesday at the Museum” we will visit the temporary exhibitions “Ana Vieira. The home and the escape”, “Martha Rosler. How Do We Get There From Here?” and “Marina Planas. War approaches to tourism: all inclusive”, which we will aim at contemporary emergencies such as feminism, environmental sustainability, mass tourism and the exploitation of images.

In addition, we will also visit the exhibition “Collection. From the post-war period to the contemporary era” from different approaches to reality, with a space dedicated to Joan Miró, the search for the recognition of photography as an artistic medium and the latest transformations in the East and the West.

5th August 2020 → 26th August 2020