How do you play your cards?

Location: Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

This activity invites participants to discover Es Baluard Museu temporary exhibitions, specifically “The Rules of the Game” of the artist María Ruido. It supposes an approximation to the content of works of art and their context of creation.

We understand contemporary artistic practices as an interdisciplinary and transversal tool for reflecting on the world around us while fostering a critical spirit. In relation to the work The Rules of the Game, taking as a metaphor the card game, a workshop will be held that will promote the creation of a dialogue among participants based on their own testimony with the purpose of bringing contemporary art to these groups, encouraging dialogue, establishing relationships within the members of the group and making art into a tool of social inclusion and transformation.


Practical information:

  • Recipients: groups of social entities
  • Sessions: 4. In the first three sessions, work will be done exclusively with each group, bringing them closer and turning the museum into their own space. However, in the fourth session a common meeting will be held with the three groups in which networks of exchange and common learning will be created from a collective dynamic.
  • Duration of each session: 2,5 hours
  • Capacity: 3 groups of maximum 10 people each
  • Dates: from Tuesday to Friday from 26th April (according to internal availability of the Museum).
  • Material to contribute: participants must bring for the first session three significant objects, photographs or pictures of their life.
  • Pre-registration here
26th April 2022 → 8th July 2022