I-CorDes - Eighth Session:
An Octave Softer

Institut de Corpologies Deslocalitzades

  • Day: January 28
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. (with a break for lunch at your own expense)
  • Venue: Aljub
  • Paid activity (€5) with prior registration and limited places
  • To carry out the activity you should wear comfortable clothes (all clothes should be of the same colour), bring a mat and a blanket for the floor as well as the water you want to drink.
  • Bring a smartphone with the Google Docs app downloaded

«I-CorDes. Instituto de Corpologías Delocalizadas», the public programme that aims to place bodies at the center and reaffirm their presential position in space, in the environment, reaches its eighth edition with the first proposal for 2023: a very soft practice, somewhat anarchist, in which the limits soften and melt to affect the places where music, poetry, technique, body, voice and text meet, understanding them as one. On this occasion, the hosts of “I-CorDes” will be: Mont de Dutor, Dos Bengalas collective and Isabel do Diego.


The session will be considered as a text written by ten hands, in silence and at siesta time; to be read calmly and in a low voice: «Understanding creative work as that space for listening, we invoke serenity as a state from which to make decisions, materialise them and inhabit them. We propose an e(SPA)ce of rest, tranquility and silence where we can be together, simply being, without needing to do anything, or doing everything, but without rushing. This e(SPA)cio has been here for a century. And look at it, how beautiful and how soft. We want to sit at the table around a collective emotion that apparently no one knows what it is. We also propose an e(SPA)cio for reading, to read our minds, massage with words, approaching a choreography of a jointly written text, putting the bodies in relation to the textual, the sound and the performative act from the small”.

The team made up of Mont de Dutor, the Dos Bengalas collective and Isabel do Diego has designed the day as a performative experience, to speak softly, to whisper as a mode of experience, to not do and to be, in general, a little softer. Lower the revolutions, being that, the maximum revolution.


Mont de Dutor are Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol, stage creators and performers. They work on the borders of different disciplines such as dance, architecture, theater or opera and their fields of influence in the political and social spheres. His commitment is very strong with a place that for others is passing through: being on the edge and not in the center of things is an ideological position. Their stage practices cross languages and develop something energetic and empathetic: they use humor, the absurd, repetition and music to bring the live arts closer to all audiences with the intention that they go out doing the conga and repeat what they have seen afterwards. in their houses. They have been together since 2009 collaborating with theaters, art centers and festivals in Europe and Latin America.

Colectivo Dos Bengalas is an artistic tandem formed by Alessandra García and Violeta Niebla. Both have separately a long professional career. Alessandra is an actress and performer, theater director and programmer for the Cultural Container of the University of Malaga (UMA) and Violeta is a poet, photographer and director of the International Poetry Festival of Malaga Irreconcilables

Isabel do Diego is the alter ego of Juan Diego Calzada, an electronic experimental artist and musician. With this identity he has released two albums, De Pueblo and Bestia Sagrada. She has also done sound work for artists such as Natalia Jiménez, Fran Martinez, Irati Inoriza and Camila Téllez among others. Calzada is a stage director, playwright, performer, sound and audiovisual creator. From a Renaissance perspective, his work is based on the polyhedral and permeable search of multiple artistic disciplines. Since 2007 he has been working with Vértebro, a collective with which he has generated works that have been presented in renowned international and national venues such as Reims Scenes d’Europe (France), Tlalpan International Living Arts Meeting (Mexico), Terrassa Noves Tendències, ALT Vigo or SALMON. With Vértebro he would also curate Beautiful Movers in Córdoba, a miracle-meeting for the contemporary scene where creators such as Rodrigo García, Idoia Zabaleta, Societat Doctor Alonso, El Conde de Torrefiel, Patricia Caballero or Los Voluble have passed.

Cultural Training
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28th January 2023 → 28th January 2023

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