I a fora què? Educational projects 2018-19

Location: Observatori

“I a fora què? is the presentation in an exhibition format of four educational projects carried out during 2018-2019, all of them developed with different groups.

These projects exemplify how important it is to extend the museum’s action beyond its walls, extending its territorial scope in order to network with the diversity of communities that integrate the Balearic society. Contemporary art is a resource available to everyone, which allows us to reflect about memory and identity, our realities, as well as society´s current problems, making it possible to imagine a different future. The museum as a powerful engine for social development and change, becomes manifest in the presentation of the processes and results of the different projects.

Body and gender: transversal projects from contemporary art. Teachers Permanent Training. A teacher’s permanent training program applicable in the classroom, organized jointly with the CEP Palma Jaume Cañellas Mut and with the collaboration of ESADIB. We worked on gender issues related to the language of performance. During the academic year 2018-2019 teachers and students from: IES Son Pacs, IES Politècnic, IES Santa Maria and IES Sineu have participated in the project.

–  BUS 7. From the neighbourhood to the residential complex”. A project that has aimed to create, based on contemporary artistic practices, a map of the different districts of the city of Palma that are crossed by line 7, using the bus itself as a visibility platform. It has been a project organized jointly with the EMT and with the collaboration of the Guillem Cifre de Colonya Foundation. During 2017-18 we have worked with a group of residents from the neighbourhood of Son Gotleu. During the 2018-2019 academic year we focused on working with the neighbours of Son Dameto and Son Espanyolet.

“Entre Mirades. Working with the elderly is one of the actions lines the museum is commited to. This project is framed within the GranGent/GentGran program, and on this occasion participants have been invited to reflect on photographic portrait and identity, with works from the exhibition “FACES. A dialogue between the Es Baluard Collection and the BEEP Electronic Art Collection”. The project was carried out in geriatric centres of the island (Palma, Santanyí, Marratxí and Alcúdia), thanks to the collaboration with Domus Vi.

Aflorar… Teixit emocional”. Textile creation workshop by artist Tatiana Sarasa framed in the activities around the exhibition “Alma. Mediums and visionaries”. During the months of April and May 2019 we worked with a group of women from Cáritas – Cala Major. The sessions that took place served for the group of women participants to channel their most intuitive and emotional side through the media provided by the artist, which allowed the vital histories of the participants to emerge. A meeting place for the activation of resonances through the use of artistic media.

25th September 2019 → 3rd November 2019