I-CorDes - Third session: Inhabited Score

Institut de Corpologies Deslocalitzades

  • Day: May 8, 2021
  • Time: 10:30h-19:30h
  • Space: Aljub
  • Paid activity (€ 5) with prior registration and limited places
  • All the dynamics that take place during the activity comply with the established sanitary recommendations. The use of a mask is mandatory.

Es Baluard Museu and the Conselleria de Fons Europeus, Universitat i Cultura of the Govern de les Illes Balears proposes a new session of I-CorDes, Institut de Corpologies Deslocalizades, a public program that aims to return bodies to the center, reaffirm their face-to-face position in space, in the environment, at a time when they have been relegated to the seclusion and no contact. The session includes a theoretical, a practical and a sound part, led respectively by José Antonio Sánchez, Mariantònia Oliver and Jaume Manresa.


10:30 am-13:30pm «Corpology and Poetics». Theoretical session by José Antonio Sánchez.

This first part of the session will be developed as a succession of three movements:

1. Poetic bodies, or micropolitics of communal creation. Against fatalism, brutality or cynicism that lead to accept the existence of expendable bodies. For a reworking of vulnerability and interdependence as powers of enunciation and action.
Interlude: imagination and listening practice.
2. Voices. On the linking of the word and the throat, on the corporeal nature of logos, on the uniqueness of voice and on the voice as a common capacity, on voices and languages, on languages ​​without voice, on translations.
Interlude: silence.
3. Defense of opacity. Because our bodies are opaque. Because opacity protects the difference. Because in the opacity dwells the negativity that shapes us as loving bodies, dancing bodies, thinking bodies, poetic bodies.

(Based on ideas from Suely Rolnik, Judith Butler, María Zambrano, Adriana Cavarero, León Ferrari and Édouard Glissant, among others)

  • 13:30h-14:30h Lunch break
  • 14:30h-17:30h «Inhabited Score». Practical session by Mariantònia Oliver

We propose to start by designing a body. A very simple body starting from a basic physical structure: bones, lines, gravity. To experience each one from its physicality and thus inhabit the own curiosities that we live when we are in movement, exploring in confidence and serenity. Exposing this body, sharing it, inhabiting it with others, creating a chorus of poetic singularities. To experience the diversity of the community by actively reflecting thanks to the multiplicity, dialogue and kindness in exposing and sharing, designing scores of multiple realities or fictions.

  • 17:30h-19:30h Sound session by Jaume Manresa

The beat, the sound, the pulsation, the voice, the musicality. How do these words take shape in the individual body and in the collective body? What imaginaries are created and what political consequences are derived? We propose a dialogue and an accompaniment between the body and the sound. What is the common space and the individual space? Where are the limits, if they exist?


José A. Sánchez

Professor, researcher and author of books and texts on contemporary artistic aesthetics and practice in the fields of literature, performing arts and cinema. Doctor of Philosophy and Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca (Spain). His books include: Brecht y el expresionismo (1992), Dramaturgias de la imagen (1994 y 1999), La escena moderna (1999), Prácticas de lo real (2007, 2012 y 2014-versión inglesa) y Ética y representación (2016 / Cuerpos ajenos, 2017 / Thebodies of others, 2021). Founder of investigation group Artea (artea.uclm.es) and del Archivo Artea de Artes Vivas y Artes Escénicas (archivosartea.uclm.es) and of the Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture, which he co-directed with Victoria Pérez Royo (UCLM-MNCARS , 2009-2016).

Coordinator and/or curator of projects such as Desviaciones (Madrid 2001 –with Blanca Calvo and La Ribot), Situación (Cuenca, 1999, 2001, 2002), Jerusalem Show (Jerusalem and Ramala, 2011 – with Lara Khaldi), No hay más poesía que la acción (MNCARS – with Fernando Quesada, Madrid, 2013), and Teatralidades Expandidas (MNCARS, 2013-2017). His recent activities include directing the stage version of Palabras ajenas, by the Argentine artist León Ferrari, in collaboration with Ruth Estévez and Juan Ernesto Díaz (Los Angeles and Miami, 2017/Madrid, México y Bogotá, 2018), and the edition (together with Esther Belvis) from a monographic issue of Performance Research magazine: “OnDisappearance” (2019: 24/7).

Mariantònia Oliver

Degree in Contemporary Dance on Barcelona Theater Institute. She has lived between Barcelona and Mallorca and learned about dance traveling and sharing projects with different artists. She runs his own company, in which he has been working for thirty years, from which he has had many opportunities to explore movement and thought from and with diverse bodies from multidisciplinary teams. She has been a teacher at the School of Dramatic Art of the Balearic Islands (ESADIB).

He has also directed creation projects for children in schools, has taught movement strategies at the Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance of Mallorca and currently coordinates EiMA, a creation center and space for artistic, social and thought residencies. Part of this project is the EiMA Festival in Maria de la Salut (Mallorca), in which experimentation with the body and reflection on the territory are combined with a great interest in the relationship between these aspects and the artistic fact. In addition, he works pedagogically and on a daily basis with a group of people interested in researching the movement.

Jaume Manresa

Degree in Catalan Philology. He was a founding member of the pop band Antònia Font from 1997 until its dissolution in 2013. At the same time, he entered the world of theater, dance and movement. He works with Cia. Mariantònia Oliver as a performer, musician and assistant director. As of 2014, he joined Andrés Lima’s artistic team, taking charge of the musical composition and the design of the sound space for his montages. As a musician he was part of Acapulco All Stars accompanying Jaume Sisa and currently continues to play with Joan Miquel Oliver. He also works as a music producer.

Cultural Training
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8th May 2021 → 8th May 2021

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