III Photography Contest for young people of Es Baluard. Finalist photographs in the Intermedi

With the topic “Your holidays in a holidays town” and as an activity around the exhibition “Ciutat de Vacances” Es Baluard launched, between 1 July and 31 August, a photo competition for young people from 13 to 17 years.

The participants were invited to show and link their reality in the holiday period with the fact of living in a “vacation city” and what their relationship is, if they have one, with the tourist phenomenon that surrounds us. How do they live with it? Do they avoid it? Do they go unnoticed? Do they normalize the situation? Do they adopt a critical position on it? Or do they find it attractive?

From the 20 of September to the 1 of October the 10 finalist photographs of the contest will be able to be contemplated in the space Intermedi of the museum.

The resolution of the three winning photographs of the contest and the awards ceremony took place in a public event on September 19 with the following results:

1st prize: “Palma vs Turisme”, Alba Ayuso

2nd prize: “Analogic summer II”, Laura Laquintana

3rd prize: “Black and white trip”, Paula Moranta


The 10 finalist photographs have been:

Palma vs Turisme, Alba Ayuso

Més enllà del Balaton, Alba Ayuso

Hombre con bus, Miguel Ángel Cerdà

Playa en el aire, Aina Jover

Analogic Summer I, Laura Laquintana

Analogic Summer I, Laura Laquintana

La meva ciutat, Tomeu Mascaró

Black and White Trip, Paula Moranta

Sense títol I, Arnau Vadell

Sense títol II, Arnau Vadell


The jury was constituted by:

Juanjo Alfonso, teacher of CEF, escuela de imagen y sonido

Fran Simó, artist

Pilar Ruano, from Fotoruano

Pilar Rubí, from Es Baluard

19th September 2017 → 1st October 2017

In collaboration with: