«In-Sight». Looking behind the curtain. Visit to the studio of the designer Claudia Liedtke

Day: September, 6
Hora: 7.00 p.m.
Place: Artist studio

The jewelry designer Claudia Liedtke, participant in the program of the museum store «Disseny i Innovació a les Illes Balears», invites us to know her studio and to show us the work process for the elaboration of her jewels.

Her works are presented as bright and refined elements, but to reach this final beauty there is a long way, of design and manual work, many times unpredictable.

This finissage activity by Claudia Liedtke is included in the actions and exclusive visits for the Members of Es Baluard (if you want information about how to become a Member of the museum, click here)


Diseño Disseny i Innovació a les Illes Balears Joyas Liedtke Tienda
6th September 2018 → 6th September 2018