Indrets Invisibles (Invisible Places)

A project led by Sa Galania, a collective whose members are Mar Barceló and Rosa García, with the special participation of María Ruido.

“Indrets Invisibles” is a project that enjoys the collaboration of the “la Caixa” Bank Foundation, as part of the “Art for Change 2016” programme.


As a community space permanently engaged in research, Es Baluard maintains its plan of action devoted to encouraging things social and integration with the community. This new project follows along the channels opened up in the stable programmes generated, and once again works with a group of women in a situation of social risk (following on from the 2015 sequel to “Mujeres Valientes presents ¡Entérense!” [“Get wise”]), this time with the goal of dealing with the subject of the public space from the stance of the subjectivities of the group involved. Based on contemporary artistic practices, the course leader will reflect, with the participants, on the relationship they have with their city and the different public spaces it is comprised of. The aim is to develop a critical, self-reflexive vision of the situation and level of integration of these women in Palma’s urban and social tissue, and at the same time develop learning and collective work experiences that favour the integration of the group.


31st January 2017 → 4th April 2017