Institut de Corpologies Deslocalitzades

  • Days: November 14 and December 19, 2020
  • Location: Aljub
  • Payment activity with prior registration and limited places

Es Baluard Museu presents the first edition of I-CorDes: Institut de Corpologies Deslocalitzades. A stable and annual program that over the course of an intensive day will present different formats of scenic, theoretical and sound proposals. The aim of the initiative is to carry out a reflection based on the semantic field that opens between the body, the text and the sound. Therefore, the search engine will focus on those works related to the performing arts (dance, performance, voice) that activate the concept of ‘exhibition’ based on the physical presence of bodies in space.

Institut de Corpologies Deslocalitzades aims to return the bodies to the center, to reaffirm their naturalness in space, in the environment. Think about how our society censors the body and movement. When does the body stop being politically correct?

Reflect on how the verbal is related to bodily action and whether, perhaps, sound can become a link or a block. From I-CorDes we propose to think and move together. We are looking for a space for experimentation and reflection, not a definition. How to get back to the body if we never left? Or how to start a movement from the body to return to it? We want to let things happen, without pre-established codes.

Our desire is to vindicate all corporalities that challenge delocalized, invisible choreographies. We invite you to let us feel: uncertainty, fear, laughter… we have also doubted. Is it time to stand up with a body vindication at a time when bodies have been relegated to seclusion and non-contact? For this reason, I-CorDes also alludes to the etymology of the word heart and memory (cordis: to go through the heart again). We need to remember when we are free, we need to let the bodies beat.

The cycle will have four sessions, each coinciding with the change of season. Each session, thought intensely and inclusive, will extend over a day. It will have a theoretical, a practical and a sound, led by renowned professionals from different fields.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to re-establish the link with the body, not only since the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic but also with regard to the trends that have been generated in recent times and that they have increased on the one hand, the feeling of isolation and on the other, the degree of individualism. In a hyperconnected world, bodies have been relegated and censored, locked in the dictatorship of the screens.

Therefore, regaining the link with things becomes one of the main objectives of Es Baluard Museu and any cultural institution. The transversality of disciplines and media is one of the main axes of the development of the Museum as well as the vindication of artistic languages ​​such as dance, theater, interpretation, spoken word and so many others that, in some way, such as in ephemeral manifestations, they are excluded from heritage studies by their ephemeral nature.


Border movements: Saturday, November 14, 2020 (Óscar Cornago, Catalina Carrasco, Kiko Barrenengoa)

Cultural Training
14th November 2020 → 18th December 2021

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