Scenes of Horror version 7.10 commemorates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Edgar A. Poe with three stories that draw the author's obsessive landscape. There is the fascinating world of alternate characters whose minds include beauty, madness and death. Featuring theatrical text, electronic music, installations scenic, images and dance. This project connects the past with the present, breaking our position in time.

Ínsula Teatro was formed with the intention of carrying out risky projects of performing arts and contemporary classics, considered from aesthetic concepts and new techniques inspired by the visual arts, music, acting... Projects developed to attract all types of public events and provide information with multiple points of information.

The philosophy of Ínsula Teatro isto convert theater in a live narration, where the actor is not the only who plays, but all disciplines are combined to emit emotions and thoughts.

Director: Alejandro Martín-Francés.
Live music: NeoTokyo.
Installation and visual sets: Tatiana Sarasa.
Dance: Lavinia Drexel.
Interpretation: Julia Triay, Marc Villanueva, Enrique Pancorbo, Jaime Granda Piñol and Pepa Granda.

9th July 2010 → 9th July 2010