Intertwined stories

Visit to the exhibition «The Rules of the Game». María Ruido.

María Ruido is an artist who works primarily with video in which she combines archive images with interviews and testimonial sources reflecting on the construction of memory and its relations with narrative forms of history.

Based on the work exhibited at «The Rules of the Game» we propose a reflection with the participants around the ideas that are dealt with in the show (migrations, social class, declassing…).  Together we will build a diagram – like the one that can be seen at the exhibition -, connecting the issues that emerge from the debate with personals experiences; thus stimulating conversation, personal memories, emotional bonding and distant memory.

  •  Aimed at groups of older people.
  • Dates: July and August, from Tuesday to Friday at 10 am.
  • Duration: 2h min
  • Groups are limited to a maximum of 15 adults with and educator in charge.
  • Book in advance here
1st July 2022 → 31st August 2022