Intimate architectures / Identity spaces

Workshop for groups of women around the exhibitions “Ana Vieira. The home and the escape” and ”Martha Rosler. How Do We Get There From Here?” The works of these artists will give us the opportunity to explore, with diverse women profiles, various issues such as the domestic space and the city from a gender perspective and from the participants’ own subjectivities.

We will work through image and text, first in small groups and from our own experiences linked to the theme of the home. There will also be a second collective session where, with the help of specialists in the subject, we will reflect on public space and how it welcomes us. The final session is intended as an opportunity to generate synergies between the participants and between the different groups, a joint meeting to reflect on how factors such as gender, but also race, social class, or age can condition our daily experience, both in private and public spaces.

  • Groups by prior appointment between February 21 and March 20, 2020.
  • Further information and registrations:
21st February 2020 → 20th March 2020