IV Photography Contest for young people of Es Baluard. Finalist photographs in the Intermedi

With the topic “Them and you” and as an activity around the exhibition “Them and us” Es Baluard launched, between 15 November and 7 January, a youth photo competition for photographers aged 13-17.

The participants were invited to show their relationship with the animal world.  Their critical awareness and responsibility towards the topic have been taken in account to appreciate their quality. Some of the thematic focuses that they could work on were: animal exploitation, eating habits, contamination/sustainability, bonding and tradition.

From the 22 to the 27 of January the 10 finalist photographs will be able to be contemplated in the space Intermedi of the museum.

The three winning photographs are:

  • José Larrosa Carrillos, El que nosaltres veiem/El que ell “veu”. 1st Award
  • Carolina Canto Márquez, Sentimiento animal. 2nd Award
  • Alejandro Coromina Barceló, No son juguetes i Nos limpiamos con sangre. 3rd Award


The 10 finalist photographs have been:

Cautividad aislada, Elena Martínez

El que nosaltres veiem/El que ell “veu”, José Larrosa

Intercanvi de papers, Maria Ramon

La vulgaritat, Marina Cobo

No son juguetes, Alejandro Coromina

Nos limpiamos con sangre, Alejandro Coromina

Segle XXI, Maria Sardi

Sentimiento animal, Carolina Canto

Tranquilidad y seguridad en casa, Lluc Andreu Borràs

Un dia esgotador, Joan Anguiano


The jury was constituted by:

Juanjo Alfonso, teacher of CEF, Escuela de Imagen y Sonido

Daniel Ruano, from FotoRuano

Pilar Rubí, from Es Baluard

22nd January 2019 → 27th January 2019

In collaboration with: