Laboratori B

“Laboratori B” is the title of a project launched by Es Baluard as a continuation of its artist training activities. This new project has been designed and coordinated by curator Fernando Gomez de la Cuesta, and is premised on the “Les Cliniques d’Es Baluard” training programme, opening it up to other participants from the field of contemporary creation and thought. “Laboratori B” consists in a series of sessions of work analysis and in-depth theory discussion on each artist’s different paths of research, and will result in an experimental publication.

“Laboratori B” is a programme open to the participation of anyone interested in reflecting and working on contemporary art production, as well as on its contextualization and conceptual development. A selection of the results generated during the process will be formalized by being included in an experimental publication titled “B”.

“Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard” is a stable training programme aimed at all professional artists or artists in training, with no age limit, who find it necessary to join a coaching programme. The core courses, taught biannually, and lasting for eight months, are the only ones of this nature promoted by a Spanish museum, and their main goal is to facilitate tools for the analysis, knowledge, resources and follow-up of creative practices from the vantage point of a museum institution. So far, two full cycles have been developed since 2013, and the final issue will take place in September 2017. Furthermore, and as a result of the commitment of Es Baluard to the professional development of creators in our context, the museum intends to undertake, in relation to “Les Cliniques d’Es Baluard”, a set of ongoing and open training activities. For this purpose, in parallel to this long-term training programme, we present courses, sessions, and specific complementary programmes. “Laboratori B” is aimed at artists who are interested in ongoing training, and would like to take part, regardless of whether they have previously attended “Les Cliniques d’Es Baluard” or not.


“Laboratori B” will take place on a monthly basis, between the months of September 2016 and 24th January 2017, with a face-to-face meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, between 17:00 and 20:00, at the museum. The initial session has been programmed on Tuesday, September the 13th.-

Fernando Gomez de la Cuesta was born in Cordoba in 1976, and has worked, since the beginning of his career, in the Balearic Islands. Art critic and curator. Graduated in Law from Universidad de Barcelona, and graduated in History of Art from Universitat de les Illes Balears. A member of ACCAIB, Asociación de Comisarios y Críticos de Arte de las Illes Balears since 2009, and spokesperson since 2012, a member of the IAC since 2014, and territorial delegate since 2016. He collaborates with publications such as ABC Cultural,, or Sublime. Currently, he is a curator at Zona Base del Casal Solleric, and he has directed the photography festival PalmaPhoto (2013-2015). He has curated exhibitions with artists such as Carlos Aires, Irene de Andrés, Martin John Callanan, Verónica Ruth Frías, Cyro García, Jerôme Leuba, Santiago Morilla, PSJM, Avelino Sala, Javier Vallhonrat, Guillermo Mora, Simon Zabell or Ana Laura Aláez. Notable among his latest collective exhibitions are “El llano (Sigue) en llamas” (Casa Purcell, Saltillo, Mexico, 2015 y MUCA Roma, Mexico City, 2015), “Tabula Rasa” (Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma, 2014; MUU, Helsinki, 2014 y Hilvaria Studios, Tilburg, Holland, 2015), “Postgraffiti” (BetArt, Calvià, Mallorca, 2014), “Bastard Painting” (Art:i:Curate, London, 2014) or “High Society” (CCC. Pelaires, Palma, 2013). Recently, he has curated the I Festival de Arte Contemporáneo de Saltillo (Coahuila, México, 2015). His articles have been published in a variety of centres of reference, maintaining a relationship between art and society. His areas of specialization are contemporary Spanish art and contemporary Balearic art. He has been a jury member in many contests, and is also notable for his teaching practice, as a speaker and a coordinator of diverse training programmes, workshops, conferences, and seminars related to universities, institutions, and contemporary art museums.

13th September 2016 → 24th January 2017

"Laboratori B" is produced by Es Baluard with support from: