The cycle "Feim Films: Cinema in crisis times",  focused on Balearic productions, presents the screening of Nofre Moyà's film L'efecte aleatori (The Random Effect). A meeting with the director will be carried out after the screening.

This new Nofre Moyà's film L'efecte aleatori (The Random Effect) as a free adaptation of the story The Winnowing by Isaac Asimov and shows how a group of politicians and businessmen in a small region decide to solve a severe economic crisis by using a dangerous scientific discovery: an undetectable molecule inoculated to kill people randomly.

L'Efecte Aleatori
Screenplay and directing: Nofre Moyà
Production: Quindrop and Yerblues
Music by: René Aubry on the LP Refuges with the autorization of the editor Hopi Mesa
Cast: Enric de las Heras, Santi Celaya, Lydia Sánchez, Baltasar Cortés, Toni de los Ángeles, Enric García i Nofre Moyà, with the participation of Aina Cortés, Maria Estany and Miquel Bergas.
Year: 2013
Length: 28'

19th June 2013 → 19th June 2013