Les Clíniques d'Es Baluard. 3rd edition

From 2013, Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma deploys a program of non-regulated training for artists with the name “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard”.

This program has been designed from the interest of the museum to become a living platform for study and debate on models of training at various levels and to put into operation devices halfway between academic education and real professional activity. This has created a place to locate artistic practices and confront them – the museum institution – and as an appropriate support in which it is still possible to experience in the process between knowledge, recognition and experience. This model is aimed at active creators or those who are becoming professionalized, regardless of age, and who want to enter into a training and coaching program.

The main objective of this program is to promote the professionalization of the sector and facilitate the tools of analysis, knowledge, resources and follow-up of the creative practice and of thought from the museum. The first three editions have arisen as a result of a first face-to-face group encounter and have culminated with another intensive encounter of similar characteristics in the museum itself. These sessions focus on the exchange of knowledge between artists and tutors-coaches, joint analysis of projects and evaluation of creative processes. Some of the aspects that are dealt with are practical cases, such as the presentation of projects (physically and conceptually), the development of research processes and the body of work, rhetoric and oral and written expression, management, introduction in support programs Artists, legal and financial management tools, formulas for dissemination and communication of the work, and exchanges and networking.

In the eight months of the course, the artists make two individualized tutorials with each one of the experts, which can focus on the analysis of the project, the provision of resources to facilitate the creative processes, or mastery of strategies because the work circulates within the system of art. The individual sessions can be made to Es Baluard, in the cities where the experts reside or by videoconference. To the band, the people in charge of the course follow the program and guarantee the good attainment.

During the development of Les Clíniques, we also promote continuing education through courses, laboratories, seminars and seminars aimed at training professionals. We understand the project as a quality service from the public sphere, built together with solid professionals at the state level and in collaboration with other entities.

This edition, the 6 Balearic artists that participate will have a scholarship exemption and can participate in this program for free, thanks to the support of the Illenc. Another scholarship grant will also be offered by a national artist. Among the various innovations that the program launches in this edition, there is the residency agreement for artists in ArtCenter / South Florida, which consists of a scholarship of registration and stay of a week in Palma to enter the artistic panorama of the environment. Moreover, two of the Balearic artists participating in the project will have the opportunity to showcase their projects in a collective exhibition taking place at FRAC Corsica.


Director: Nekane Aramburu
Coordinator: Irene Amengual
*Note from July 24, 2017. Temporarily, Nekane Aramburu, will be responsible, in his duties as head of studies, to Javier Duero.


Ana Laura Aláez, artist and trainer.
David Barro, editor and curator.
Martí Manen, curator and art critic.
Special participation of: Manuela Moscoso and Natalia Zuluaga


Face-to-face sessions: Analysis of work, professionalization.
Individual Tutorials: 2 tutorials per coach, one per month, from October to March.
Sessions: Evaluation sessions of projects and processes.
Possibility of the sessions to be virtual or telematic via.

Selected members of “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard 2017-18” (third edition):

Gabriela Bettini
Arantxa Boyero
Aitor González
Mar Guerrero
Las Taradas
María León
Magdalena Planas
Marina Planas
Guillem Portell
Aurore Valade
Izaro Yeregui

The selection of the candidates has been carried out by the coordinating team of Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard”: Nekane Aramburu, Javier Duero and Irene Amengual.

Practical information about the open call for Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard” third edition:

The access for the annual calls is processed with a dossier and a selection criterion is applied that looks for a symmetry between the group and the work axes proposed in each stage. Thus, we have come to count on the participation of artists from various backgrounds and nationalities interested in these processes.

Period of receipt of applications: before 15 June.
Notification of selected: 1 July.
Registration: before July 20.
Beginning of the course: 15 September.
Registration for national artists (non-Balearic): € 250. A scholarship exemption will be awarded among the selected candidates to participate. It is necessary that those interested to request it indicate it when sending their inscription.
Interested persons must send to the address: difusio02@esbaluard.org, attaching a dossier in PDF format (with a maximum of 10 pages in DIN A4 and 10 Mb) which includes the following documentation:

Personal information:

Photocopy of ID card, resident’s card or passport.
Letter of interest and description of the path and work done by the candidate.
Curriculum vitae (maximum of one sheet in DIN A4).

Complete information of “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard 2017-2018”

The process can be followed through the blog “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard

15th June 2017 → 28th April 2018

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