Let's draw the equator

What does it mean to imagine the world today? The equator, the imaginary line that divides the planet into two hemispheres (North and South), has marked the history of humanity. Throughout the rooms that make up the exhibition «Aimless. Confronting Imago Mundi» we will observe how this line transformed scientific studies and History -with a capital h- from the haughty gaze of Europeans in front of the local colonized communities.

We will raise and question, from our point of view through debate and from practice and creativity, the multiple possible representations of the world through the absences that exist or are treated in the works of art exhibited.


Relevant data:

  • Recipients: groups of social entities.
  • Visit-workshop for groups. Minimum 5 and maximum 15 people.
  • Duration: a three hour session.
  • Hours to be determined with the Museum.
  • More information and reservations through the Apropa Cultura website.
2nd March 2023 → 29th December 2023