Es Baluard presents "Llibre en Blanc", a project in progress that can be visited from 10th November to 8th December in the Observatori.   

"Llibre en Blanc" pays tribute to paper books as a medium for creation and at the same time develops the close link between art and the world of publishing from four approaches that embrace formulas as diverse as the single proposal, the conceptual piece, the seriation or the manual binding process.   

"Llibre en Blanc" is a project that forms part of Edicionària, seminars on independent publishing organised by Comerciants de Núvols.  

In this display Nekane Aramburu, the director of Es Baluard, establishes a dialogue with a single work from the museum’s reserve which she presents to us from her precise gaze; Pedro Oliver brings us closer to some of the most significant serialized editions he has produced as an artist; Mateu Coll offers us a taste of his books, which are read without words, wonderful media where writing is simply pronounced through silence; and Paz Alomar, who is accustomed to dressing books, shows us the editions she has created with her own hallmark: small print-runs in which hand and skill lend body to the literature.   

"Llibre en Blanc" is written with the language of the image and the gaze of words, from the nuances of white and the shadows of the line: four proposals which, week after week, write a text-texture that uses the book as a format for narrating the reality that surrounds us.   

"Llibre en Blanc" is a project coordinated by Javier Vellé and Elisenda Farré, by Comerciants de Núvols.


Tuesday 10th November at 7.00 pm
Activity: Collection from Es Baluard’s reserve. Selection by Nekane Aramburu. 
Presentation: Dialogue Nekane Aramburu and Comerciants de Núvols (Elisenda Farré). 
Duration: 30-45'. 

Tuesday 17th November at 7.00 pm
Activity: “Libros, arte y gráfica” (Books, art and graphics), with Pedro Oliver. 
Presentation: Dialogue Pedro Oliver and Comerciants de Núvols (Javier Vellé). 
Duration: 30-45'. 

Tuesday 24th November at 7.00 pm
Activity: “La encuadernación y su narración” (Binding and its narrative), with Mateu Coll. 
Presentation: Dialogue Mateu Coll and Comerciants de Núvols (Elisenda Farré). 
Duration: 30-45'. 

Tuesday 1st December at 7.00 pm
Activity: “Edición, el bello oficio de vestir los libros" (Publishing, the beautiful profession of dressing books), with Paz Alomar. 
Presentation: Dialogue Paz Alomar and Comerciants de Núvols (Elisenda Farré). 
Duration: 30-45'.
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10th November 2015 → 3rd December 2015