«After loving you I loved you much more and that made me feel as though my extremities had been ripped off by a sharp blow. First I loved you with all the calm with which one loves someone who will never disappear. I made you immortal and then I killed you… After loving you I loved you much more, I loved you much more because I knew I wouldn’t have you again and I found you small, almost invisible, transparent, absent, distant… mortal».

That´s the story of my life, by Seville-born Macarena Recuerda, is a surprising piece performed using traditional methods, which uses simple materials to build up a work created and projected live, in which the secrets of live are revealed through a love story. This characteristic, that of manufacturing before the eyes of the public, makes it a unique show every time it is performed. In this work snapshots are used to present the proposal, which it takes from the title of a song by The Velvet Underground. The piece is a biography based on pictorial, photographic and cinematographic images. The result is a live animation film that draws a fictitious portrait of the life of Macarena’s mother, using visual installations and a toy, the zoetrope, which dates back to the dawn of the seventh art.

A show by: Macarena Recuerda Shepherd
With the collaboration of the artist: Manu Morales
Video and editing: Gorka Bilbao
Zoetropes: Alberto Pastore
With the collaboration of: Bilbao Escena, Bilbao Arte, L’Antic Teatre and Teatre Lliure

22nd July 2011 → 22nd July 2011