MARLANDS workshops

• Days: December 20 and 21
• Time: 7 pm
• Space: Auditorium
• Free activity

Es Baluard Museu participates as a partner in the MARLANDS European program, which aims to highlight the environmental and cultural diversity of the Mediterranean islands. As part of the initiative, two events open to the public are organized to present the work of two of the selected artists: the workshop “Meditating on Corallium rubrum” by Lucy Orta and the performance “Garden of the past. Garden of the present” by Olga Sabko. Both artists have been developing their creative projects around the biological heritage of different species, adding a narrative, symbolic and cultural component.

Tuesday 20 December: “Meditating on Corallium rubrum” workshop  by Lucy Orta

Lucy Orta aims to symbolically restore the ancient spiritual majesty of the islands’ ecosystem and has developed her project on a lost species: the Corallium rubrum. The artist addresses the urgency of the current situation of the red coral and the Monachus monachus (monk seal), two endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea in critical danger of extinction.
Orta has created a string of coral and glass beads, made of hand-moulded fragments.

Alongside her artistic practice, Lucy Orta explores methods of public participation, inviting the public to connect with her research topics. She has therefore devised the workshop “Meditating on Corallium rubrum“, where participants can reflect by modeling coral branches by hand. Shaping terracotta is like a meditative action, that creates a space to provoke debates about the loss of local species. At the end of the workshop, the terracotta will be returned to the earth, reflecting the natural cycle of all living species.

Wednesday 21 December: “Garden of the past. Garden of the future” performance by Olga Sabko

Olga Sabko proposes a participatory action open to everyone, the results of which will become part of the artistic installation “Garden of the past. Garden of the Future” as part of her project within the framework of MARLANDS. Each participant can bring a young plant from their own garden in a cardboard box. The plant can have a maximum height of 15 cm.
The installation created by Sabko aims to set up a collective garden, bringing together plants from different homes on the island to encourage growth in an unusual exhibition context.

The result of the joint artistic practice can be seen between the 12th and 20th of January 2023 at TACA Studio in calle Sant Feliu, 17 in Palma.

20th December 2022 → 21st December 2022

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