Masterclass of electronic music «Connecta 2»

by Emil Montgomery

  • Date: 21, 22, May 23, 2019
  • Time: from 6.00 pm. to 8.00 pm.
  • Place: Auditori / Intermedi
  • Payment activity with prior registration

Es Baluard offers the «Connecta 2» workshop that aims to teach the secrets to produce music of any style in an easy way, using the most effective and professional tools and techniques to obtain an immediate result.

This masterclass is aimed at providing the essential knowledge to learn the processes of music production: use of applications to create music, mix and mastering, knowing the techniques of professional DJs.

The group-class will be of twelve students maximum. It will address a practical part in which you can access to experiment with next-generation devices and another theoretical through which to know the most important processes to produce clues.

It is not necessary to play any instrument or have previous experience playing music. Simply bring a computer and headphones.

The registration fee is 40 euros (10% discount for Members of Es Baluard). Registration:


1. The styles of electronic music and their characteristics
2 General description of the most used programs and applications.
3 Easy processes and techniques so you can produce on your computer.
4. Organization and development of a production session.
5. Creating your own project
6. Mixing and Mastering.

Emil Montgomery (Montevideo, 1970)

1976 He began his studies in piano and music theory.

1987 He entered the Superior School of Music of Montevideo and made advanced studies in composition and electroacoustics.

1991 He presents his first multimedia concert at the Teatro del Anglo in Montevideo, highlighting his proposal in which he used laser holograms and synchronized video projections to a complex system of devices.

1993 Founds the C.I.S (Sound Research Center) and teaches compositional methods with computers to professionals and amateurs of music.

1995 Realizes «Concert for Tolerance». The largest open show in the history of Uruguay, in which he summoned 300,000 spectators, marking the Guinness record for the largest audience in his country. Receive the prestigious IRIS award.

1996 Jean-Michel Jarre dedicates a prologue to his album «Essence» in which he congratulates him on his work.

He is nominated by UNESCO as an Ambassador for Peace, and receives the UNESCO-Ashberg Prize to be awarded at the Center for Creative Arts of Virginia, USA.

1998 He is invited by the I.R.C.A.M Paris, to participate in the research and development of new devices in the application for musical composition. It develops numerous multitudinous concerts promoting the Ecology.

2000-2008 Invited by UNESCO Mexico moves to that country, where it develops numerous workshops and conferences on music and new technologies, working in exchange with the UNAM, the OEI and the Museum of Art and Technology of the Federal District. It promotes the concept of democratic art, spreading the idea that all people should be able to access the artistic creative process in order to strengthen the individual and collective values ​​that help to build a better society. He teaches workshops at the MARCO (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey).

electronic music masterclass training
21st May 2019 → 23rd May 2019