Staging of the poetry Matar a Platón (Killing Plato), by Chantal Maillard, played by the author, Barbara Meyer (cello) and Chefa Alonso (percussion and clarinet).  

Matar a Platón is the story of an event. It is the story of its construction actually. A man is hit, ritgh now. This is the fact around which the story will be built. The characters will appear in the 28 poems that make up the book. Fiction? Reality? Nobody escapes the event, not even the viewer. No one can escape the question: "which is the wound, who suffers it and who is responsible for it?"  

Chantal Maillard is a poet and philosopher. With Matar a Platón was awarded the Premio Nacional de Poesía (Spain) in 2004, and received the Premio Nacional de la Crítica de poesía castellana and the Premio Andalucía de la Crítica for Hilos. Among her essays on aesthetics, La sabiduría como estética (1995), La razón estética (1998) and Contra el arte y otras imposturas (2009).  

Chefa Alonso is a doctorate in composition and free improvisation, and instrumentalist percussion, soprano sax and clarinet.  

Barbara Meyer is cellist, luthier and viodeo-artist. Alongside Alonso, is part of several interdisciplinary  improvisation projects.

27th March 2013 → 27th March 2013