Mediation on Fridays

  • Days: Every Friday from March 15th to May 31st
  • Place: Floor 0
  • Hours: from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • Price: free without prior registration

The exhibition «Alma. Mediums and visionaires» counts on with our most special program that takes place every Friday at room on floor 0. There you can find an identified mediator with whom you can share impressions, raise and resolve doubts and delve into those works that interest you the most as well as in the presented topic. Without prior registration and through conversations the visitor spontaneously happens to be an active agent giving room to new knowledge and understandings.

This activity completes your visit to the Friday museum with «Tu Decideixes», the program from which the ticket price is from 0.10€

In addition, the «Mediation» program of Es Baluard also offers guided tours by contacting:


15th March 2019 → 31st May 2019