The Mercedes Boronat's company arrives at Es Baluard. The honoured choreographer and dancer features the show Butterfly at the museum's Aljub. It will be on February 20 but, furthermore, Mercedes Boronat will give a workshop in which the audience will be able to experiment the same creative process that the artists of Butterfly. It will be during two sessions, on February 20 and 21 from 10 am to 3 pm and needless to be a professional dancer.

What's Butterfly? Eight performers on a stage divided in ten areas that get submerged into the process of liberation and metamorphosis. The search of movement that grows from the innermost and most personal spaces of each performer, using technique as a liberating tool. With music by DJ Chop Suey, that selected works by Vitalic, Daniel Lanoise, Múm, David Colmes, Beck, Tarwater, David Byrne, Ashley Slater. A complement that contributes to create and atmosphere, emphasize emotions and states.

20th February 2010 → 20th February 2010