• Pere Portabella, Miró l’altre, 1969 (film frame). Movie 16 mm, b/n and color, sound. Duration: 15 '. MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Donation Pere Portabella. © Pere Portabella, 2018 © Successió Miró 2018

«Miró l’altre» screening by Pere Portabella

  • Day: November 29, 2018
  • Time: 19:00h
  • Space: Aljub
  • Free activity

In the context of the case studies at Es Baluard and in the line of critical research that began with “Miró mystic” last year from the work of Joan Miró to the Museum’s permanent collection, we propose a series of activities around the case of study begun this year: “Miró polític” a new approach to the work of this creator.

That is why we will have the collaboration of the MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona that will make possible the screening of “Miró l’altre” by Pere Portabella, on November 29 at 7:00 p.m. In addition, we have created a point of bibliographic documentation and consulted on the political side of Joan Miró in the Permalink.

Projection data

«Miró, l’altre» 1969. Made by Pere Portabella. Film 16 mm, b/n and color, sound
Duration 15 min. Produced by Films 59. MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Donation Pere Portabella (1987)

«Miró, l’altre», originally with the title ORIM (Miró written in reverse), but officially and in Spanish – «Miró otro» – was a retrospective exhibition of the work of Joan Miró organized by the Official College of Architects of Catalunya (COAC) at its Barcelona headquarters in 1969. An action was made by the artist and collaborators before the opening of the exhibition, which was destroyed by the artist. An ephemeral and contracultural piece that recorded Pere Portabella with music by Carles Santos and without speech, which includes both the painting process and the destruction of the work.

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29th November 2018 → 29th November 2018