«Mise en abyme»: artists watched by artists

  • Days: March 28, April 25, May 30, June 27, 2019
  • Time: 18:00 p.m.
  • Place: Floor Rooms 0
  • Free activity with pre-registration (limited places)

Es Baluard and the Association of Visual Artists of the Balearic Islands (AAVIB) set up a series of visits that offer the spectator the possibility to approach the works of the Museum’s Collection from the point of view of the creators themselves.

The term «Mise en abyme» makes reference, in French literature, to a narrative procedure
which consists in placing another similar story in a narrative similar to the one popular Russian dolls. Based on this concept, the four artists Leticia Muñoz María, Aina Perelló, Iria Gàmez and Magdalena Planes will perform a re-reading of several works from the Es Baluard collection, bringing them closer to the public and performing a critical review .

The sessions will be able to take the form of a workshop, debate, performative action, etc. and they will have to be participative in favoring the creation of microstructures by the attendees, putting their emphasis on the public as a content generator.

Results of all and the participating artists / groups once the season has finished.

The inscriptions can be formalized to the mail: activitats@esbaluard.org

Visits calendar:

March 28 6:00 pm Performative experience in the museum space by Leticia María

The visit tries to create a performative experience with those attending from the Es Baluard Collection. The artist acts as a channel and mediator between space, his perception, the work, the analysis, the participants, the appropriation and the casual spectators, creating a new vivid work generated in situ from the The work of the museum’s collection.
Activity open to the public interested in the perception and creation of the work of art.

Leticia María is a visual artist and video operator, interested in the politicized body of the individual as a receptor of stimuli, thinker, perceptor and channeler that reflects social behavior.

April 25 6:00 p.m. Filing memoirs by Aina Perelló

Why do we collect? Why do we store or compile? Maybe because we do not want to fall into oblivion? To tell our story, unconsciously, we want to be lost in time? We select what really matters to us, what is meaningful in a special way: we make albums of births, weddings, trips. We find those old loves, friends that are no longer there. With all of them, we refresh our memory and remember, laugh, cry and weep. The story tells us stories. The artist proposes to make an introspective journey to enter into the paths of memory and the memories that we want to keep in order not to fall into oblivion, and weaken the needle to stamp our history.
The dynamics of the visit is aimed at young people from 11 years old to 17 years of age. And for adults from 60 years of age. You can come with the godparents, neighbors, acquaintances … just like godfathers and godfathers you can come with your nephews or nephews, young people from the family, friends or acquaintances.

Aina Perelló is licensed in Fine Arts. He has exhibited individually and collectively in international centers and galleries since 2000.

May 30 18:00h Action: Audioguide by Iria Gàmez

The action consists in summoning and activating a visit to the museum from exploiting a format completely accepted by the institutional art world: the audioguides. We propose placing the viewer on an intimate level, governed by a continuous narrative that will take him/her through different rooms of the museum, being part of a unique and ephemeral exhibition experience. The audio proposes, based on a series of instructions, an alternative way of relating to the exhibition space.

The visit is directed to the general public.

Iria Gàmez is an architect. He has participated as an artist in various expository and research initiatives since 2006.

June 27 6:00 PM Sashay Away leads civil disobedience by Magdalena Planas
We will build a narration through the tour of some of the works from the bottom of the Es Baluard Museum in relation to the book La mano izquierda de la oscuridad by Ursula K. Le Guin, who
It proposes a world where the inhabitants are hermaphrodites. From this approach, through each presented work a hypothetical situation will be exposed in relation to the elimination of prevailing binarism and of the static gender in our society. In order to get entwined one Fictional dialogue through various questions based on reflexive dialectics.

The visit is aimed at the general public.

Magdalena Planas is a visual artist and works on projects that attempt to establish a connection with the observers. He has been part of the Group of Research of Art and Feminism (AIF) of the University of the Basque Country.

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