Mòdul i trànsit: Soundproofing of Placa Base for Es Baluard

Mòdul i trànsit is a sound installation designed by Placa Base, a collective associate of Es Baluard since 2015, which, on the proposal of its director, Nekane Aramburu, have amplified the collaboration to integrate use in non-conventional spaces of the museum. The creative part of the installation has been made by the Mallorcan composer  Mateu Malondra, also member of the association.

For this project, Placa Base aims to explore the sounds produced by the elevator of the museum and its surroundings. The piece consists of several miniatures created from the recording of the mechanical activity of the elevator and the exterior spaces in the elevator.

The installation creates a link with the three most characteristic elements of the elevator: modularity, transit and mechanics. The duration of the miniatures is linked to the different routes of the elevator between plants. The playback format refers to the location of the sound used in the thumbnails. The miniatures are formed by sound modules of various amplitudes, creating a sound space of depth and stratified density.

  • From November 2017 to February 2018: first soundtrack.
  • From March to June 2018: second soundtrack.
  • From July to October 2018: third soundtrack.

Placa Base is a non-profit cultural association based in Mallorca dedicated to the production and dissemination of cultural projects related to technology, with special interest in the dissemination of artistic creation in the field of avant-garde music and in the Dissemination of science and knowledge from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Ascensor Elevator Music Placa Base
16th November 2017 → 31st October 2018