This workshop is linked to the exhibition “Nunca casi nunca a veces siempre” (almost never sometimes always never) developed by Guillermo Mora (Alcalá de Henares, Spain, 1980) and curated by Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta for the Casal Solleric’s Zona Base cycle "Camera Obscura". This is a site-specific installation that revolves around the perception of architectural space using fluorescence and color. Through various pieces created specifically for this unique exhibition space, this artistic intervention shows the relations between the optical characteristics of painting and its capacity to adapt to the architecture as it is changing.

This workshop aims to introduce the work of Guillermo Mora to the students, as well as to the major methodological system with which the artist has worked to develop his latest projects: the "mood board". This methodology is based on the creation of image maps that help generate formal, symbolic and conceptual development of a project relationships.

Attendees will be proposed at the workshop to work through this system, sharing images between them in order to develop their own maps, create new projects and enrich their personal suggestions.

The event is primarily aimed at university students of Degree and linked with the creation, production and / or development of artistic projects Postgraduate (visual arts, performing arts, architecture, design, cultural management, criticism, curating, art history, etc.). as well as professionals in the arts and other creative arts lovers.




20th May 2014 → 22nd May 2014