Morality vs. tourism boom

  • Day: October 17, 2017
  • Time: 19:00h
  • Place: Auditoriu

As an activity parallel to the exhibition «Ciutat de vacances» the historian and journalist Tomeu Canyelles will analyze how the habits and customs of Mallorcan society of the twentieth century evolved as a result of the tourism impact fundamentally focused in the decades of the fifties and sixties. The presence of those visitors not only altered the insular economy, but also significant aspects such as aesthetics, leisure, morality or, simply, the way of understanding life. This set of changes not only made the nationalist cements of the Franco regime sharpen, but would determine the relations -not always idy- among the indigenous society and the tourists.

The talk is part of the «Ciutat de vacances» exhibition program and it will be the finishing activity.

The activity is free.

Tomeu Canyelles holds a PhD in Contemporary History from the UIB with the thesis “New musical styles and social changes in Mallorca (1960-1975)” and a Masters in Communication from CESAG. Forms part of the Executive Council of the Center for Contemporary Studies and Documentation (CEDOC). He is the author of the books: Els picadors mallorquins. Seductors i seduïts durant el boom turístic(2014); L’illa desvestida. Moralitat contra nuesa a les platges mallorquines (2015). He has been a contributor to Ona Mallorca, BN Mallorca, Ràdio Marratxí and is currently a contributor to IB3Ràdio.

17th October 2017 → 17th October 2017