• Daniel García Andújar, Mediterraneum. Atlas. Ports, 2022 (detail). Robotic drawing, printed on 200 g Canson paper. Set of 163 prints, 29,7 x 42 cm each. Courtesy of the artist

Mosaic de Fluxos

The exhibition “Letter of Marque” by Daniel García Andújar focuses on the different stories hidden in the Mediterranean Sea over the centuries. The aim of this activity is to highlight the value of migrants’ own stories in contrast to the information we constantly receive through the media, which is distant and statistical, often ignoring the most subjective realities.

The workshop visit will take place over two sessions of about two hours each. We will discover the historical displacements and movements on which the artist reflects in this project that extrapolates to the present and from memory, research and personal experiences we will produce a map-mosaic of our own experiences and journeys.


  • Two sessions of two hours each
  • Activity aimed at organisations that work with migrants
  • Pre-registration here
16th September 2022 → 22nd January 2023