Music Therapy Workshop

The museum hosts a music therapy workshop, led by Professor Gabriela Guaglione within the cycle “Gran Gent / Gent Gran”.

The objective of this workshop is to bring music therapy as a tool for therapeutic intervention to improve the quality of life of senior people.

Many are the properties of music, making it the perfect way to improve aspects of our social and personal life. In emotional aspect the music enhances and channels the emotions; in the relational aspect, music reinforces personal identity and in the cognitive domain the evocative power of music remains alert voluntary attention and awakens dormant memories. It also facilitates the movement rhythm, speeding and improving the body turn coordination.

Gabriela Guaglione is music therapist, licensed by Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1991). Gabriela works with disabilities since 1990.

5th February 2014 → 26th January 2014