NuSongs. Undressed song series

Collectives at the Observatori. Pecan Pie. 15th anniversary of Es Baluard

  • Days: April 4 and 25, May 9 and 13 June
  • Time: 20.00 pm.
  • Space: Observatori
  • Free activity with limited capacity (invitations will be given the same day of concerts by order of arrival at the museum)

NuSongs is a cycle of an author’s song that will take place at the Es Baluard Observatory during the months of April and May. The concerts will be complemented by a space adaptation that will allow visitors to the museum to savor the essence of the song through video and music.

The cycle of recitals is intended to disseminate the new values ​​of the song of Mallorca in various fields within the styles that usually promotes Pecan Pie (folk, rock, pop). The invited artists will interpret their subjects in a totally acoustic manner and without the intervention of any amplification.

The concerts will take place on Thursdays from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. and will be free.

Capacity is limited by space issues. Invitations will be offered on the same day of concerts by order of arrival at the museum.

Calendar of concerts:

• April 4. Roger Pistola.
• April 25. Salvatge Cor.
• May 9. Noah Newville.
• June 13. Ombra.

Es Baluard and Pecan Pie will announce the musicians days before, via web and social networks for each of the concerts.

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4th April 2019 → 13th June 2019